Class Levels

The levels are designed to allow the student a thorough understanding of the posture and depth of the subject. Prolonged study at each level insures steady progress in the art and science of Yoga.

Level 1

The perfect class to learn and review the basics of Iyengar yoga. Open to all beginners to yoga and any students who require a softer or slower practice.

Level 2

A foundation for learning the whole scope and depth of the Iyengar Yoga method. Practice and teaching of standing poses, inversions and other fundamental postures, as well as basic introduction to Pranayama. Open to all students of yoga. 

Mix Levels

A class catered for all levels of practitioners with any experience in yoga. The class is taught to adapt one's level and different instructions may be given to students based on their own personal experience. 

Level 3

Iyengar yoga general class which takes the fundamental postures of Level 1 and 2 and works intensely and with more refined instructions. Inversions are taught with variations depending on individual capabilities. Pranayama is taught during last days of every month. Open to students with Iyengar yoga experience. Authorisation from teacher is required to attend Level 3 classes.

​Private Classes

Private individual or group sessions available on appointment for individuals to focus on specific practice or  health issues, including pre-natal. Please email/sms/call to enquire and book your space. 

About going to class

  • Please arrive a little early to be on time for the class.

  • The studio's gate will be open 20 minutes before the start of the class. 

  • If you have any special physical problems or medical conditions including pregnancy, consult your physician about attending classes and be sure to let the teacher know in advance, if possible, by sending an email or calling first.

  • Those who are new to yoga should start attending the Beginners class to learn the basics for a while until moving to Level 1

  • Wear clothing that is easy to move in. Modest comfortable shorts or footless tights are suggested. Bare feet are essential. Please refrain from wearing heavy perfumes and jewelry.

  • Yoga should be practiced on an empty stomach. Allow at least one hour after eating a light meal and 2 to 4 hours after a heavy meal. 

  • You are welcome to come early for warm up or perform centering restorative asanas to prepare for the class after a long day of work.